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Unleash the Speed: Experience the Thrill with Speedy Rent!

About Speedy

Discover the Difference with Our Car Rentals

Welcome to Speedy Rent – your reliable car rental partner! We offer a wide range of high quality rental cars at affordable prices.

At Speedy Rent, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we strive to make the rental process fast, convenient and safe. Our team of professionals is always ready to offer you a high level of service, help in choosing a car and answer all your questions.

We pride ourselves on our range of vehicles, from small and economical models to spacious family cars and premium luxury cars. All of our vehicles are carefully checked and maintained to ensure your safety and comfort during your journey.

Speedy Rent also offers flexible rental terms, including various rental options and special offers for long term rentals. We always try to meet the needs and budget of each client.

Speedy Rent also offers flexible rental terms, including various rental options and special offers for long term rentals. We always try to meet the needs and budget of each client.

Whether you need a car for a business trip, a vacation or a replacement for your own car while it’s being repaired, Speedy Rent is ready to offer you a reliable and convenient solution.
Experience amazing freedom of movement with Speedy Rent. Book your car now and enjoy the unrivaled car rental service we offer you.”

Explore Our Wide Range of Car Rental Services

What services do you provide?

We provide car rental services, including a selection of different models and types of vehicles.

What are your car rental prices?

Our car rental prices vary depending on the model, rental period and additional services. Contact us for exact pricing information.

How can I book a car?

You can book a car online on our website or call us on the phone number provided to make a reservation.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

You will usually need a valid driver’s license, passport or ID, and a credit card to block the deposit. Details may vary depending on local requirements and rental company policies.

Discover Our Exclusive Features and Add-Ons
for a Perfect Rental Experience

Online Booking

Providing an easy-to-use online booking system is essential for modern car rental services.

Multiple Payment

Make sure to offer multiple payment options for customers, such as credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Flexible Rental Periods

Offering flexible rental periods, such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, is important for meeting the needs of a wide range of customers.

Comprehensive Insurance

Make sure to offer comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your customers and their rental cars in case of accidents or damage.

24/7 Customer Support

Providing 24/7 customer support, either through phone or online chat, is important for helping customers.

GPS Navigation

Providing GPS navigation systems as an optional feature can be helpful for customers who are unfamiliar with the local area and need directions to their destination.

Choose Your Dream Car from Our Wide
Range of Vehicles

Our collection of cars offers stylish and comfortable models that will highlight your individual style and ensure a pleasant journey.


BMW M3 Series


BMW M4 Series


BMW M4 Series


BMW M3 Series


Porsche 911


Volvo XC90

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We offer flexible rental options including different dates and special offers to fit your needs and budget.

Are you ready to drive with Speedy Rent today!!

With our cars you can go on unforgettable journeys, explore new places and create vivid memories.